The logo and theme needs to be designed around and embody the theme: ‘Born Free…Stay Free! Live Free or Die.’
We refuse to wilt under ugliness, using beauty and love as our weapon of choice. 

Keep the following elements in mind as inspiration for your logo and art: 

Keep raising the bar, don’t be satisfied with the status quo and constantly invite new ideas and new players. Membership is automatic, you make a difference, you are one of us, no dues other than shocking us with your beautiful innovations and upping your standards of quality and perfection. A community of beautiful creations, that shock stun and make us marvel at the beauty that lives in the next person. Don’t tell us the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.
We inspire each other in a never ending race, displacing each other in our quest for adding greater value to society.  Today we might be second best, tomorrow we know we might be the best – the quest is never ending. No directors, committees, nannies or politicians needed, our passion is society’s benefactor. Those who want to exercise power over us should seek less passionate folk to mess with.
Artwork will need to be easily reproduced for online digital promotion and for printing and branding.
Design your logo element in an way that it can be branded easily.
Upload your entry is a format for easy previewing. If your design wins we will request  the open editable files.
Please ensure that all artwork submitted can be reproduced at high resolution and scale.
The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
Late entries will automatically be disqualified. Deadline is midnight on 18 August.
All artwork submitted can be used as design elements and become property of Telpro management (Pty) Ltd.